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November 28, 2017


This week I’m on holiday in Dubai, escaping the horrible cold weather from the Netherlands! And because the temperature in Dubai is almost 30 degrees Celsius, I need to protect my skin against the sun. Therefore I’m testing the Sunscreen SPF 30, After Sun (Skin repair) and the After Sun Lotion from Aruba Aloe.  I’m also going to show you the Vitamin E skin care gel. Curious? Read more below!


Aruba Aloe Sunscreen SPF 30

This Sunscreen has a nice texture and feels very soft on the skin. I received a nice small travel size bottle and this sunscreen is waterproof! Perfect for a quick swim in the pool without loosing your protection! The cream contains Aloe Vera, which as you can read in my previous blogpost, is taking care of the skin. The cream is not tested in Animals and the bottle is made of recycled plastic. Seems like the perfect Sunscreen if you ask me.




After I used the Sunscreen (I only applied it once, just because you can call me lazy) I haven’t been burned and I was in the sun all day long (Visiting the Grand Prix in Abu Dhabi) without any shade. Works perfect for me if I apply it once, but I’m already a bit tanned from myself, so I recommend applying it 2 or 3 times a day.

After Sun Lotion
When we got back home, I immediately applied the After Sun Lotion after I showered. The cream feels soft and has a nice texture. I applied it on my shoulders but as I said before, I didn’t got burned luckily. I still applied the After Sun so my skin could rest and heal.  This lotion also contains Aloe Vera and is not tested on animals (all the products are free from testing on Animals!)


After Sun Skin Repair Lotion

I didn’t test this repair lotion myself, but I applied it on my boyfriends’ shoulders (because they were burned really bad).  This lotion helps prevent the skin from peeling, flaking and drying. The results were amazing as the skin was healing very fast and effective. The skin went from red to skin color again without peeling and flaking.  If you are burned very fast, you need to have this product! And apply a lot of sunscreen of course.


Overall these skincare products are amazing and are great to take with you on a trip! These travel size items are handy and you can take them everywhere to protect you skin from burning and aging!


Sunscreen SPF 30 65 ML: from € 12,00
After Sun Lotion 59 ML:  from € 19,00

After Sun Skin Repair Lotion : 124 ML: from €  12,00

For more information visit the webite here.  


Vitamin E Skin care gel

Together with the Aruba Aloe Special Care Lotion I started testing this gel a few weeks ago. I applied the gel after I showered on my face and on dry spots on my body. The gel feels so soft and a bit sticky in the beginning. After I applied it on my face the gel absorbs really quick. The smell of Aloe is very present, but it smells really nice.


The gel is taking away red spots on my face and is also good for dry spots. I feel really fresh and also hydrated after I applied it. I use the Special Care lotion after I applied the gel. You can read a review about this lotion here.  


This gel also contains the famous Aloe Vera made in Aruba from World’s Finest Aloe. The Vitamin E, and cell-reviving moisturizers make this oil-free gel the prefect daily body or face treatment- under make-up, as an aftershave moisturizer, or for dry irritated skin. This gel is paraben-free.


I truly recommend this gel because the healing process is so fast! When I apply it on a small wound or dry spot the spot or wound is gone within a few days!


251 ML: € 21,00


For more information about this gel visit the website here

Have you every tried a product from Aruba Aloe? Do you want to try out one of these products? Let me know in the comments!


Love, Peggy


SPONSORED // The products in this blogpost are gifted products. This does not change my opinion. I write how I really experience it. 

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Hi there! My name is Peggy; freelance media/ graphic designer, content creator, beauty, fashion and travel lover & founder




November 13, 2019

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