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Hi there! My name is Peggy; freelance media/ graphic designer, fashion and travel lover, entrepreneur, founder One 2 Twelve Timepieces and



January 1, 2018


This November we planned a trip to Dubai! Initially we went there for the Formula 1 race in Abu Dhabi. We planned a five-day trip with three days in Dubai and two days on the Formula 1 circuit. In this blog post I’m going to tell you about our city trip and the race and how we planned our city tour in Dubai in only three days!


Dubai is one of the most popular destinations in the Middle East. With its fascinating buildings and sparkling culture Dubai screams wealth. Everything is glitter and glamour and everything needs to be huge! When we visited Dubai we came to the conclusion that you can’t walk through the city because it is bigger than you imagine. From sightseeing spot to the other you need to drive at least 15 till 30 minutes. Luckily renting a car in Dubai is cheap and the gasoline is also really cheap! You only pay 21 Dollar cents per liter!


We rented a car via
Which is a website where you can see which cars are available at your pickup date and how much every model will cost you. You can easily choose the car you love and would like to explore Dubai in. I would advise you to rent a car -  even though the taxi is also very cheap – but it gives you more freedom and more time to explore the city.  


We drove from sightseeing spot to the other and if you love cars, this is the place to be. You see the newest models driving past and the most expensive cars are showing off in front of the malls. Which brings me to the next big thing in Dubai, the malls! Dubai has several malls and the biggest mall is Dubai Mall with a huge aquarium (must see). If you would like to do some (expensive) shopping, this is your address.

 If you would like to go skiing or snowboarding, this is the place! There is a huge ski slope in the middle of the mall. Crazy right. Every hotspot is very easy to find and there is enough space to park your car. We drove from the Burj al Arab (the most luxurious hotel in Dubai where you pay over more than 20.000 dollar per night if you go for the biggest suit) to the next big thing in Dubai: Burj Khalifa (828 in height).

If you go there around 17.30 you see a very nice fountain show. It is also nice to visit Palm Island. You can just drive up there and check out the Atlantis hotel.


In these 3 days we visited most of Dubai’s highlights by car. I can tell you that you have enough time in 3 days but if you would like to chill at the beach, you must stay a little longer otherwise you don’t have enough time.


My boyfriend is a Formula 1 fan so we planned a trip to Abu Dhabi. It is only a 1,5 hour drive from Dubai to the racetrack. We had Abu Dhabi Hill passes for 2 days and we had an amazing view around the racetrack. The race itself was kind of boring because our biggest champ Max Verstappen started at place six and ended at place six.


The second day they had interviews with the drivers and we managed to get ourselves an autograph from Max! If you don’t believe me check out this GIF ;).


Our trip to the Middle East was amazing and I definitely would like to go back sometimes! But for now we are planning more F1 races and city trips in other countries. Just like the city trip we did to London.

 So here a few of my tips for Dubai:

  • Visit the malls (especially the Dubai Mall)

  • Rent a car via (Easy, cheap, fast)

  • Visit the Burj al Arab

  • Visit the Burj Khalifa around 17:30 and stay a bit longer after the first fountain show because the second show is different.

  • Visit Palm Island and visit the Atlantis Hotel

  • Go for a dinner cruise – only 65 euros per person and you sail through Dubai by night.


I would like to know if you have ever visited Dubai before and did you rent a car or did you do everything by taxi? If you never visited Dubai, would you like to go there?


Love, Peggy



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Hi there! My name is Peggy; freelance media/ graphic designer, content creator, beauty, fashion and travel lover & founder




November 13, 2019

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