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STRIPLAC mini - Travel & Repair

June 6, 2017


Alessandro is a brand that is known for their nail polish. They created a treatment which is called Striplac. Striplac is a system for lacquering your nails with a certain gelacquer and allowing them to cure using a UV lamp. Which gives you perfectly painted nails for at least 10 days! With summer around the corner, a lot of people go on holidays and because of that, Alessandro came with the Striplac Mini - Travel & Repair and the IBIZA SPIRIT Striplac-nailpolish collection. This set gives you the opportunity to paint your nails in the plane, during your road trip, or even on the beach! All you need is a USB charger and this Striplac Mini toolset. You can choose between 3 different colors: 




Sunset pink

Red or pink? Choose the in-between color raspberry with alessandro Striplac Sunset Pink and dream away to a beautiful sunset!


€ 11,95 (5 ml)





Wine & Soul

Stylish, romantic and glamorous, red nails stay hot! The alessandro Striplac Wine & Soul has a classy wine red color that fits perfectly with any fashionable summer outfit. Make a sexy statement in a romantic style in the evening or give a playful effect to your beachy look.


€ 11,95 (5 ml)




Hippie Nights (in this review, I used this color)

With the alessandro Striplac Hippie Nights nail polish, the brand plays the midnight nail trend. The intense purple color takes you into the twilight of the night, with a mysterious effect as a result.


€ 11,95 (5 ml)



The treatment consists out of six steps. In this review I will explain every step and I will show you the result with pictures. 


Step 1 //

You start with cleaning the surface of your nails. You can do this with the included cleansing pads. After you cleaned your nails, you apply a thin coat of the Twin coat.  This is the base coat and will protect your nails. Don't brush the coat on your cuticles, then the polish might not stay for 10 days. So make sure you only paint your nails. If the polish gets onto your skin, remove it with the included Striplac correction pen before curing under the LED lamp. 

Step 2 //
Now the base coats needs to cure under the LED lamp. Place your finger under the LED lamp and press the button. After 30 seconds the device will automatically turn off. NOTE: Don't look into the light, because it can damage your eyes. Place every finger under the LED lamp and wait 30 secondes. After you did this, you can feel that the polish feels moist, this is the dispersion layer or sticky residue and you can remove this after the manicure with the Striplac cleansing pads. I experienced that my nails where getting warm under the LED lamp and sometimes it hurts a little bit. 


Step 3 //
I choose to apply the color Hippie Nights (which is a purple color). You need to shake the bottle before use. I then applied a thin layer on the top of the base coat and used the LED lamp to cure every nail. In the meantime I was watching Netflix so make sure you don't have to sit out every 30 seconds, because then the whole ritual will take a while ;). 

Step 4 //

After I applied the first layer, I then applied one more layer. As you can see on the picture, two layers is enough for me. Also, I wasn't really planning on going through the whole ritual (read: 10 times 30 secondes) again. 

Step 5 //
To protect and seal the color polish, I applied another TWIN coat. Then again you need to use the LED lamp per nail for 30 secondes. I experienced some pain because the LED lamp became a bit warm. 

Step 6 //
Eventually I removed the dispersion layer from my nails using the Striplac cleaning pads. And I need to say, those pads smell amazing! 


Results //
My nails look like they are done in a Nail salon! Very glossy, and scratch- resistant. It took me some time to get my nails perfect and the proces takes a while, but the result is stunning and it lasts for at least 10 days. 


Remove // 

I had to take my nailpolish off after a few days. When removing the nail polish I carefully peeled up the edges. Then I could carefully peel of the nail polish. It goes really easy and my nails don't look that horrible after. 


Overall experience //
I love it! The fact that my nails look amazing and the polish stays on for a very long time is great. Also the fact that you can bring this Travel and Repair mini everywhere is awesome. The small LED lamp is easy to use and fits in my smallest bag! The proces takes up some time, but the end result will last you with beautiful nails up to ten days. 



The Alessandro Striplac Mini Travel & Repair costs € 24,95 including one Striplac color. The colors costs € 11,95 (5 ml). 


The alessandro IBIZA SPIRIT Striplac-nailpolish collection and Striplac Mini Travel & Repair are available from juni 2017 at individual perfume stores and

Have you ever tried the Striplac from Alessandro? Or would you like to try? Let me know in the comments. 


Love, Peggy


SPONSORED // The products in this review are gifted products. This does not change my opinion. I write how I really experience it. 



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Hi there! My name is Peggy; freelance media/ graphic designer, content creator, beauty, fashion and travel lover & founder




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