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TYLKO - Create your own customized shelf

February 5, 2020


Tylko: “A company Ikea can learn from” – my boyfriend. You know that feeling after purchasing a closet or desk at Ikea and after 4 hours of assembling and getting crazy about the manual you find out you put the third shelf on the wrong place… well, for all of you people, Tylko found the solution! A company that makes the process of assembling a shelf in such an easy way that nobody needs to get hurt – and who give you the opportunity to make your own customized shelf which will fit perfectly in your interior. Curious? Let me show you how it works and at the end I will provide you with a personal discount code to order your own!


Creating your own personal shelf on

You start on Tylko with creating your own personal Tylko shelf. You can choose your favorite sort of wood: White, black or grey plywood. You can also choose the density of the shelf, the width and hight. I chose for density 100% - width 300 cm and height 203 cm.


After you order your Shelf, Tylko keeps you updated about the whole process, which takes approximately 6-9 weeks. And this is because they make it to order.


Personal Manual

I was really surprized about the fact that they made me a personal manual – of course this is because I customized my own shelf.  I hope these pictures illustrate just how easy the assembly actually was - Let's start!

As you can see - there is a lot of cardboard. But they definitely make sure they ship your order safe and damage free.


To make sure we didn't damage the floor and the shelf - we put a blanket on the floor. 

After assembling the first planks, we discovered it is really easy! No screws and drills are required. You just slide in the planks into the large shelf and the manual guides you through the proces.


With the provided 'red-thing', sorry I'm just clueless about the name of this thing - you make sure you don't damage the shelf when you hit it into its place.





























And tadaaa! The end result! What do you think? Eventually we spend like 30 minutes to assemble the whole shelf! So yeah - Ikea could learn from this! ;).


And of course I decorated the whole shelf. 



Excited? Good news for you! I was provided with a discount code via Tylko! You can order your own customized shelf and get a € 75,- discount if you order with a order value from € 500,-. *Valid till september 1.


Go to and use code: YLSNB


The shelf as illustrated on the picture above has a value of € 900,- *excluding the interior off course.


So, I would really like to know what you think about this self and would you like to order one yourself?


Love, Peggy


SPONSORED // The products in this blogpost are gifted products. This does not change my opinion. I write how I really experience it. 



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Hi there! My name is Peggy; freelance media/ graphic designer, content creator, beauty, fashion and travel lover & founder




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